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Summary and Conclusion of the Proving of Aquilegia Coerulia

Most mental states experienced during the proving of the Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquil-coer) also appeared previously in the Common Columbine (Aquil-vulg) proving: Exuberance, high energy, hypersensitivity (especially heat, light and noise), slowness, calmness, sedation and relaxation, 13 forgetfulness, indifference to other’s feelings, easily angered and excited, weeping easily, and aversion to company.

Every one of these mental states is contained in the list of sensations of the Rananculacea family compiled by R. Sankaran in his book Schema, and clearly part of the family picture. A number of symptoms of Aconitum, Cimicifuga, Clematis, Helleboris, Hydrastis and Pulsatilla were also part of both Columbine provings. The amount of violent dreams with benign outcomes seems an impressive result of the proving.

Aquil-vulg did not influences dreams in this way or produce similar dreams. Dreams occurring during both provings include: Colorful dresses, gatherings, mountainous areas, animals, sexual dreams, pregnancy, water and colorful cars.

Physical symptoms experienced by a majority of Aquil-coer – provers clearly point to the use of the remedy to treat nausea and vertigo, stitching pains of the GI-tract (especially with diarrhea) and the extremities (especially with heat and tingling), headaches (especially with heat and vertigo), menstrual problems including thick bland discharge and rash-like skin conditions.

Finally, how do themes of a substances appearance, or behavior transcend a proving? Shouldn’t two gorgeous flowers equally yield themes of beauty and grace? In the earlier proving of the Common Columbine (Aquil-vulg) these topics surfaced in dreams. Amazing dreams of nature, landscapes, an “unworldly” garden, beautiful flowers, and a palace satisfied this expectation. The Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquil-coer) did not offer anything along these lines. Its beauty was revealed by its capacity of pacifying violent dreams and an impressive amount of curative effects during the proving.

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