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Practitioner Certificate Program
(500 hours)

Is this for me?

The Practitioner Certificate Program is open to anyone interested in studying homeopathy on a professional level. The completion of this program will give you the qualifications to enter the profession as an independent practitioner of classical homeopathy. If you are a physician or a healthcare practitioner and would like to expand your expertise with homeopathy, this program will provide you with professional homeopathic skills to add to your practice.

Upon graduation you will receive the Professional Practitioner Certificate (CHom). HSI certification stands for the achievement of a professional level of competency in the art and science of homeopathy. Completion of the program also satisfies the 500-hour requirement for the Council for Homeopathic Certification if you choose to get nationally certified.


Study that can begin at any time, from any location worldwide. Regardless of your location, you have access to the study of homeopathy with the school’s cutting edge, integrated curriculum, expert faculty and tutor support. Our flexible program allows you to fit your studies to your personal schedule and become a professional homeopath.

I would really like to thank you for all the nice and encouraging feed back on my work and for returning the assignments so quickly. I am so glad I chose this program. I really enjoy it and will recommend it to anyone who is interested in Homeopathy. Great instructors and material that is interesting and challenging!

Irene Grifantini, CHom - HSI graduate

What do I get?

As soon as you have enrolled, your tutor will contact you with information to help you organize your studies. Feedback and supervision are provided by nationally certified homeopaths. Your tutor is available by email or phone to answer questions. Your Course Materials Packet for each course is shipped by priority mail. Completed assignments are emailed or mailed to your tutor, case work to your case supervisor.

There are four courses in the program:

HSI 101 – Foundations of Homeopathy

HSI 102 – Intermediate Studies of Homeopathy

HSI 201 – Clinical Applications A

HSI 202 – Clinical Applications B

The Course Materials Packet for each course includes the following:

Welcome Folder

  • Contact Information
  • General Information about Homeopathy
  • An Introductory Video, “The Mystery of Healing”

Course Materials Notebook (one for each course)

  • Study-Guide: Before You Begin …
  • Syllabus including: DVD-Content outlined by modules; Detailed assignment instructions; Learning outcomes; Final test Study-Guide
  • 25 DVDs totaling 90 hours of digitally recorded lectures, classroom activities, and clinics
  • Five Sets of course materials supporting the study of the five modules
  • Assessments and quizzes (including tutor feed-back)
  • Final Open-Book test
  • Promotional Materials

I feel the curriculum flows nicely. I love how detailed the handouts are and that they are in order with the DVDs. I find it very easy to make notes and follow along. I appreciate the real life examples and what the instructors share about their own cases.

Tricia Cole - HSI student

What will I study?

HSI 101 and HSI 102 (250 hours)

  • Lectures, classroom activities, clinics and seminars recorded on high quality DVDs
  • Guided home study.
  • History, theory and treatment techniques of homeopathy
  • Case taking skills for acute and chronic conditions
  • Case analysis methods for acute and chronic conditions
  • Application of homeopathic remedies for first aid, acute and chronic treatment
  • Efficiency in using reference tools
  • Video recorded and student-generated cases for hands-on learning
  • Free webinars on selected topics
  • Review the list of required textbooks

HSI 201 and HSI 202 (250 hours)

  • Lectures, classroom activities, clinics and seminars recorded on high quality DVDs
  • Guided home study
  • Clinical observation via DVDs of cases recorded at the school’s clinic
  • Supervision for independent casework
  • Seminars with international instructors on DVD
  • Application of homeopathic remedies for chronic conditions
  • Study of advanced homeopathic topics
  • On-line casework
  • Free webinars on selected topics
  • Review the list of required textbooks
  • For additional details please contact the school or Download the catalog

This program is terrific. I’m glad I chose this school. I’ve recommended it to a lot of others who are interested in studying homeopathy.

Student Evaluation

How long will it take?

You will study at your own pace.

The average completion rate for the 500 hour program is 18 – 24 months.