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About Homeopathy

Barbara Seideneck, CHom, CCH, Director of HSI gives an introduction to homeopathy and talks about how it works. In this webinar you will find answers to your general questions about homeopathy or you can add to what you already know. Topics include: origin of homeopathy, philosophy and concepts that guide homeopathic treatment, practical application in home care and professional practice.

Case taking

Alastair Gray, MSc, BAHoms, PCHom, Australian Homeopath, examines three traditions of homeopathic case taking and points out how they apply in modern contemporary practice. He addresses observing and questioning and also addresses the depth and pitch of clinical case taking skills that determine the result in a case. This webinar provides context, scaffolding and a model with which to deeply understand this one aspect of homeopathic work, case taking.

Homeopathy and Menopause

Jody Shevins, ND, DHANP, CCH practices Classical Homeopathy in Boulder, CO. In this webinar Jody points to root causes for menopausal symptoms and examines these from a psychological, social and cultural perspective. She offers general therapeutic approaches and suggests a number of homeopathic remedies to address the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that often present a serious challenge for women in this stage of life.

Research Matters – Presenting Homeopathic Medicine to the Public

Alastair Gray addresses practitioners of homeopathy and extends the invitation to become familiar with the body of evidence that backs up claims of homeopathic efficacy. He points to the traditions of homeopathy and also takes a look at recent high quality studies empowering the homeopathic profession as a whole. Alastair Gray presents evidence based research as an essential tool to help with communicating the true value of the alternative healing systems. You will learn what is robust, what is thin, what claims can be backed up, and how to communicate in a language that is easy to understand.

Let’s talk about Homeopathic Potency with Alastair Gray

Australian homeopath Alastair Gray addresses the advanced topic of  homeopathic potencies.  With much literature,  plenty of opinions and virtually no science on the subject using potencies in homeopathic treatment is usually considered a complex issue. Alastair untangles the debate and creates context in this case laden, media rich, and practical session.  He also addresses related case management issues: timing client contact, repetition of the dose, and adjusting a strategy.